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Free quote?

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To be able to serve you as much as possible, we would appreciate it, if you can give us as much information as possible. We consider your application as customized and will treat it carefully.

Have you thought about this?

To help you get started, follow a few tips to think about when applying. Please provide the information as concretely as possible under additional information.

Always, we find it important to know where we are going. In order to make the upgrade and finish possible, we ask to take into account the following:

– Is the location well accessible with truck combinations?
– What is the surface of the building site?
– Are there any obstacles on the construction site such as runways, planting, trash can etc.? For us no problem, but we would like to know!

Of course, we want to know when your event takes place, but we think it is equally important to know:

– When can we begin our construction and when should it be ready?
– When can we start the finish and when should the location be delivered?

If there are any details on location that makes us specific deadlines then we would like to know.

You may have seen a stage or construction on our website that you are looking for. We find that top! There may be some other constructions next to the stage that you have not thought about yet. We would like to make a suitable offer and ask you to think about it:

– What is the desired height of the stage floor needed?
– What is being done with the construction? Will there be artists coming up? Is this used for decor purposes?
– Have you thought about the necessary workable technical space on the side and rear sides at an indoor stage construction? We can advise!

Do you have a design or outline of the necessary constructions? Please send it back! Finally, an image says more than a thousand words.