Who are we?

1988. The time had finally come for Frits van Sambeeck to take a leap of faith and switch from being a recreational singer to becoming a professional stage builder. Soon, Gigant managed to make a reputation for itself in the event business. The company was customer-friendly, flexible, hired the right people, and wasn’t afraid to invest in the right products and solid professionalism. Well, there it is, in only a few words: the reason for Gigant’s success of the past decades.









Gigant started out in the festival and dance arena, but decided to expand. Today, modular construction systems and an experienced team are at the basis of our creative, efficient and professional construction process at festivals and dance events, our stand constructions et cetera. Apart from stages, our product range includes décor constructions, ramps for winter events, and advertisement towers. But we also offer temporary infrastructure such as stairs, bridges and platforms.









The Gigant marketing strategy is characterized by professionalism and competitive prices. Modular systems are always our starting point, as these guarantee the customer won’t be paying for any unforeseen development investments. The drive and healthy obsession characterizing Gigant is reflected best in our creative use of the modular Layher scaffolding system. It’s like Meccano for adults, 2.07 meters being the magic number that unites all construction workers.









We look forward to a spirited collaboration towards a much talked about event, or any other construction that requires our devotion and expertise!