Our procedure

Project management
It is our belief at Gigant that every customer deserves our full attention, whether you contact us for a small event or a major festival. And although we do give all our clients the same level of attention, some projects require more time and effort than others. Most projects go through the same efficient, logistic process: each client is introduced to a contact at the office who will remain their go-to person throughout the project. Projects are developed in-house and then constructed on site by a team of experienced team leaders and construction workers.

Still, some projects may require extra attention at the event location because of scale, complexity and/or logistics. In those cases, Gigant offers experienced project managers to coordinate the project from start to finish. This approach ensures intensive communication between client and project manager, who is in charge of all arrangements and the finalization of festival drawings, and who will be the client’s contact on site. By staying close to the action, loss of information will be kept to a minimum.